Small Business Insurance

Insuring Small Business Since 1997


IInsureonf you are just opening up shop or you are a seasoned small business owner, you may be wondering what risks you need to cover with insurance. . Even if you have a well-established corporation, you may be wondering if the coverage you do have is right for your needs and is fairly priced. Is it possible you can get the same or better coverage elsewhere for less?


insureon, since its beginning in 1997 has realized that small businesses would utilize an online destination for buying the business insurance they needed. The company’s founders recognized that small business owners were quick to adopt online commerce and preferred the convenience of online transactions whenever they were available.


As the Internet boomed in popularity, however, it became clear that small business professionals  appreciated the convenience and speed online transactions made possible. Since then  insureon, has become a leading online destination for buying business insurance for professionals in all industries.


Since it’s founding, insureon has grown tremendously. To date, they served 175,000 small-business customers with unmatched efficiency.


Available Coverage



Coverages to protect you from a range of risks and potential incidents, like injuries, equipment damage, theft and liability claims.


Join the thousands of small businesses that have found effective, stress-free coverage through insureon, and discover how easy insuring your business can be.


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