Medical Insurance

For Small Businesses, Individuals, and Families


If you are an employer or work for an employer that does not offer a group plan or work for yourself , finding health insurance can be a big headache. While there’s no holy grail, there are ways to navigate the maze and find good coverage at manageable prices.


Whether it is affordable, of course, is a whole other deal that depends on a myriad of factors–where you live, the ages and the health of who is being covered, the size of your deductible and the type of policy you need, among other things.


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logo_ehealth will allow you to search for a short-term health plan can cover you until the next open enrollment.


Short-term plans can help in these situations:


  • Change of employment

    Laid off? Job loss? Get covered in between jobs and employee benefits.


  • Missed open enrollment

    You may be able to get coverage now, before the next enrollment period.


  • Special activities

    Need proof of insurance?A short-term plan can be quick and affordable.




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A major life change may qualify you for Obamacare and financial help.  Click here to see if you qualify for a special enrollment period or Medicaid/Children’s Health Insurance Program.


Obama Care Penalties For Small Businesses


The questions always come up:



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