Since 1990, the National Small Business Association (NSBA) has provided individuals, business owners, their employees, and retirees access to innovative services, resources, and benefits. NSBA is committed to small business advocacy and public awareness.

Our mission is to provide quality products and services to individual members and businesses.

As challenges facing small business owners and their employees continues, NSBA adapts by providing solutions. Our strategic plan features an aggressive approach to offering benefits as part of a larger organization. By offering various insurance programs and discounted benefits, NSBA gives small employers the resources they need for success in their businesses.

By working together, small businesses have an opportunity to collectively offer benefits similar to larger fortune 100 and 500 companies. This enables employers to provide quality benefits and resources to compete in a larger market, provide additional benefits to members beyond what is offered through their employers, and provides a resource to travel benefits, insurance products, gym memberships, vision and hearing discounts, etc.